DOT Services and Decentralized Delivery of Municipal Services

WasteCare’s professionals have in-depth practical expertise in design and operations management of town and municipal services panned and delivered in a decentralized mode and we offer Design, Operate and Transfer (DOT) schemes to new local authorities and governments, as well as new services new services and schemes that required initial hands-holding and training.

DOT is frequently offered on new and innovative schemes on pilot basis. WasteCare’s experienced extension services specialists, specially oriented engineers with community-interaction skills and specialists plan, design and pilot new schemes with communities manage and offer training and learning-by-doing skills.

DOT services offered by WasteCare introducing franchise-management of waste collection in poor neighbourhoods (e.g. Atonsu, Kumasi) community-level (small towns) “sanitation surtax” for supporting household-level sanitation initiatives and providing management support e.g. in Ghana to Area, Zonal and Town Councils in planning and executing contracts for community infrastructure upgrading schemes. The ultimate goals is to enable communities and local-level administrator manage their schemes in a sustainable manner.

WasteCare’s DOT scheme have common characteristics – bottom-up participatory planning and decision taking, unbundling of local characteristics and dynamic to influence area specific infrastructure and services plans, practical training to town, zonal, area councils and local authority (clients) staff for effective handling of scheme after transfer, as well as after DOT support.