Main deliverables/outputs include the following:

• Appraisal of the core areas and components of previous phases of support to ensure express update of relevant information on MMDAs and timely start-up of the R-B M&E framework;
• Facilitation initial meetings (and facilitate workshops) with Development Partners, institutions and agencies, MMDAs, to discuss key issues related to preparation of the Management Support for the establishment of R-B M&E as well as other key outputs such as the development of data and information management system via web-based MINT*ESAA 2.0;
• Review the procedures and arrangements employed in the establishment and management of successfully instituted data and information management systems such as those of the Ministries of Education and Health (MoE and MoH)
• Based on the above assessment and discussions initially develop a R-B M&E framework that can be adequately supported by the data and information management system to be developed by an IT Firm;
• Provided management support to the EHSD in delivering the whole assignment including quality assurance of outputs by sub-consultants