Ø Water demand surveys

Ø Ground/surface water investigations

Ø Supply and distribution networks

Ø Consumer survey

Ø Construction supervision

Ø Design of Treatment systems


Ø Low cost sanitation technologies (urban, small towns and rural communities)

Ø Strategic Sanitation Planning (SSP) for cities and municipalities

Ø Nation-wide management intermediary services for household sanitation facilities delivery

Ø Design of platforms for country-wide sanitation delivery programmes

Ø Wastewater and stormwater drainage

Ø Appraisal of functionality of sewerage systems

Ø Design and construction supervision of wastewater and stormwater conveyance and treatment system

Ø Design of waste stabilization ponds

Ø Operation and maintenance management of sewerage systems including treatment facilities

Ø Design of sub-surface treatment (drain fields) and localized-communal conveyance and treatment systems

Solid Waste Management

Ø Design and development of Municipal waste management systems

Ø Design of municipal waste reduction, re-use, recycling and recovery schemes

Ø Design of landfills and waste disposal systems

Ø Design and management of operations and maintenance management systems

Ø Feasibility Studies, Conceptual & Detailed Designs for Transfer Stations