Landfill Site Search & Development, Remediation of Sites and Municipal Waste Management

Landfill Site Search & Development and Remediation of Sites

1989 – 1990: support to the Department of Urban Roads (DUR), Kumasi as part of Urban 1 (Priority Works Project, PWP) in oversight of evacuation of refuse from selected old refuse dumps in Kumasi and restoration of the sites e.g. Nyenyawso. Field tasks included logging and verification of haulage truck capacities, due diligence check of hauled volumes and processing of requests for payment and management of site remediation works.

1994 – 1999: The CEO as manager of Kumasi city’s waste management series collaborated with the Metropolitan Engineer’s Department and Town and Country Planning Department in initial site search and reconnaissance, site selection, initial soil investigations and planning for test-borehole, tree buffering of site, deliberation with land-owners, land-value valuation, deliberations with Town and Country Planning and Lands Secretariat. As sanitary engineering consultant of Urban IV project, the CEO provided quality assurance for the design and vetting of consultant’s final design for the engineered landfill et cetera.

199/2000 – 2002: design of remedial works for disposal site for the City of Kigali, Rwanda including options for installation of transfer station for recycling and material recovery facility. Development of the Design and production of bill of quantities (BoQ) for major remedial works including development of Operations and Management Manual for improved site operations and maintenance and husbandry.

WasteCare’s vision is to lead the way in innovation and implement pilots that support self-sustaining and long-term use of disposal systems based on local practice. WasteCare’s philosophy of developing and managing landfills as MRFs (recycling, re-use, recovery, compositing and reduction) als cater for maintaining the landfills as a resource for teaching aspiring BSc. MSc. And Ph. D student in practical site operations management and research into reactions in waste heaps and landfills. As part of WasteCare’s TRIS program this work will support developing and/or improving existing manuals on landfill design and operations and maintenance management.

Municipal Waste Management Operations

1993 – 1995: The CEO of WasteCare was a deputy director (in-charge of operations) for waste management services for the City of Kumasi (more than 1,000,000 residents) including managing fleet routing, management of disposal sites, improvement and expansion of house-to-house and communal services and forward-looking planning for private-public partnerships. During this time the city planned and acquired land for disposal sites, planned and designed collection zones including comprehensive house-listing for public-private partnership in waste collection.

1995 – 1999: design of community-level waste collection scheme, and support to city department (KMA-WMD) in implementing franchise refuse collection scheme for low-income area of Dompoase-Atonsu-Bokoro-Ahinsan area using animal-carage and later improved to tractor-trailer.

1999 – 2002: The CEO of WasteCare as consultant and staff World Bank (Water and Sanitation Program) provided technical advisory and expert support to city authorities in demarcating waste-collection-zones for the city of Kigali based on housing stock, waste generation loads and streams, for engagement of private firms in waste collection in Kigali city

As part of its support to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development of Ghana in its efforts to institutionalize decentralized delivery of services, WasteCare would contribute to the Decentralization Action Plan by providing its expertise in decentralized planning at Area, Zonal and Town Council level land support the piloting of Community Contracting of Infrastructure services (including water and sanitation) managed at these levels.