Feasibility Studies and Applied Research

• Cost estimates
• Problem diagnosis
• Schematic designs
• Potential environmental impacts
• Life-cycle Inventory (LCI) and Assessment (LCA)
• Appropriate technology/design option selection
• Analyses of return on investments
• Value-Chain Analysis of environmental sanitation services –solid waste excreta
• Environmental and Social Screening for projects


• Project concepts
• Reconnaissance survey
• Preliminary design and preliminary cost estimates
• Computer modeling
• Technical specification and bill of quantities
• Preparation of contract documents
• Environmental impact assessment
• Detailed design

Project Management

• Mobilization
• Work planning and Scheduling
• Project Quality Assurance
• Legal arrangements
• Conflict management and resolution
• Analysis and Evaluation of Project Implementation Effectiveness
• Effective Demand Surveys
• Contract Administration
• Project Completion Inspections and Reporting
• Appraisal of functionality of projects

Construction Supervision

• Prequalification of contractors
• Contract coordination
• Quality control
• Budgeting and monitoring
• Equipment commissioning and inspection
• Tender evaluation
• On-site supervision

Institutional Development

• Technical assistance
• Institutional support
• Capacity building and strengthening
• Training
• Funding propositions

Strategic Sector and Corporate Planning

• Strategic environmental sanitation planning
• Strategic plans for water and environmental health sectors
• Strategic planning for agencies and NGOs in water and environmental sanitation